At Adroit PharmaChem even the simplest of all chemical compounds attain significant functions. In IUPAC’s terms, phthalic acid is termed as Benzenedicarboxylic acid. It is a substance that we synthesize in our sophisticated laboratories in three different molecular forms, each of which bears different characteristics than the other. Phthalic acid is a white solid which is highly soluble in water and least reactive in its dehydrated form, therefore it is usually used at our manufacturing centers in its modified structure as a salt of other chemical elements

4-Nitro Phthalonitrile is one of the many salts of phthalic acid that Adroit PharmaChem produces after reacting the phthalic acid solution with nitrate and nitric acid radicals. It can be used to form a number of industrial raw materials as well as for furnishing new combinations of chemicals required in primary sector manufacturing plants.

Hence, as a 4-Nitro Phthalonitrile manufacturer, we often interact with a variety of customers involved in the industrial processing business. Here are some of the most important facts about our 4-Nitro Phthalonitrile compound from which every industrialist can benefit should they choose to procure that chemical from Adroits’ trusted and professional 4-Nitro Phthalonitrile exporter:

Chemical Stability

We supply 4-Nitro Phthalonitrile as an off-white solid or tan crystalline salt, which is not receptive towards water. Our team of research and development scientists has invented a highly efficient formulation method for commercial 4-Nitro Phthalonitrile production that can manufacture a strong and stable chemical compound in a much lesser amount of time. So, unlike the other 4-Nitro Phthalonitrile exporter products, our chemical compound is more enduring against reactions by acidic, metallic, and oxidizing compounds like hydrochloric acid, iron, peroxides, respectively.

Quality Ensured at Every Turn

We understand your need for creating a safe workplace and hence, Adroit PharmaChem supplies its chemical products in sealed, leakage proof packages that prevent any kind of endothermic, decomposition, and explosive reactions of 4-Nitrophthalonitrile in presence of high temperature and pressure. Even during the manufacturing process, our chemicals are quality checked at every step for ensuring the best quality products for your industrial needs.

Purity Guaranteed

4-Nitro Phthalonitrile manufacturers often hand out pamphlets clarifying the purity of the compound supplied by them. Higher the purity, more one can be assured of achieving the best results. On the contrary, all of our 4-Nitrophtalonitrile products are composed of a nearly pure, 99 percent concentrated chemical compound that can be used by any industry without having to worry for the effects of the unwanted adulterants.

Ecological Responsibility

As a responsible 4-Nitro Phthalonitrile manufacturer, we have thoroughly refined our chemical product to make it least harmful for the environment. Adroit PharmaChem’s chemicals are ecologically persistent yet non-accumulating in animal bodies. Meaning that our 4-Nitrophthalonitriledoes not retain in the bodies of biological creatures. Industries can dump any amount of unused, contaminated, or decomposed proportions of the chemical in deep garbage dumps after putting it in solid degradation proof metal containers.

Like other chemical compounds, it is the purity of the 4-nitrophthalonitrile salt that determines the price at which it is bought or sold in the market. Though, one can be duly assured to receive its best buying deal from our authentic 4-Nitro Phthalonitrile exporter.

It has only been after many successful utilizations that our chemical compound has come to be adopted at a wide range of manufacturing sectors including pharmacies and personal care product manufacturers. Hence, while we take the necessary effort to redefine the nature of chemical substances required by industries at a daily basis, you can focus on creating newer, improved, and more enhanced secondary products by developing on their qualities.

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