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Adroit PharmaChem is one of the few trusted pharmaceutical dealers of the world who share the responsibility of creating a healthier society by providing top quality, safe to administer drugs at accessible prices. Psychological disorders are a common health concern that threatens the lives of many individuals worldwide

The medications used in treating psychological ailments are rare chemical compounds synthesized at specific conditions by expert medical scientists. Hence, we are also involved in the production of psychiatric medications for depression, social anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), etc.

Venlafaxine is one of the most effective drugs prescribed for the above-named disorders which is produced by numerous venlafaxine manufacturers around the globe. However, each venlafaxine manufacturer uses a different set of components for developing on the basic venlafaxine tablets. These self-same additive compounds set standards of effectivity of the medications.

Adroit PharmaChem uses a scientifically developed chemical formulation that increases the action rate of its venlafaxine tablets to exceptional rates. Here are some other reasons as to why psychiatrists prefer to prescribe Adroit PharmaChem’s medications:

Here are some of the reasons why our products are preferred over other available chemical goods in the market:

Variety of Medication Types and Strengths

Venlafaxine medication is a strong chemical formulation that needs to be consumed in regulated amounts. In addition, the same strength of the medication does not suit every patient. So, psychiatrists recommend different quantities of venlafaxine tablets to patients depending upon the intensity of psychological disorder and the age of the patient. Realizing the variety of strengths of medicine needed by patients, Adroit PharmaChem distributes different types and concentrations of venlafaxine. Our venlafaxine exporter distributes both immediate release and extended release tablets, each of which come in specified weighed dosages. Our immediate release oral tablets come in 25mg, 37.5mg, 50mg, 75 mg, and 100 mg forms, while extended-release tablets come in 37.5mg, 75 mg, 150 mg, and 225 mg strengths.

Least Possible Concentration of Allergens

Different venlafaxine manufacturers use a diverse set and the concentrations of chemical additives enhance the quality of their product. However, more often than not these chemical compounds have been found to trigger allergic reactions, thereby aggravating the medical condition of the patient. Unlike other providers, Adroit PharmaChem’s venlafaxine tablets are made from the least number of chemical additives, each of which is balanced with a counteracting compound that helps to reduce its reactive capability. This way, our medicines do not complicate the patient’s troubles and enhance his/her rate of recovery.

Untouched, Precisely Measured Medicines

Drug overdose is a harmful condition that can arise as a result of improper manufacturing standards of pharmaceutical companies. In the case of venlafaxine, over-consumption often results in fatality and psychological complications. In order to prevent such mishaps, all of the medications distributes by our trusted venlafaxine exporter are clinically tested and mechanically measured using highly precise instruments for ensuring that they are of high quality and perfect dosage. Throughout the testing procedures, the medications remain untouched by human hands and hence they are totally hygienic and unadulterated.

Adroit PharmaChem is spread around the world and our registered venlafaxine exporters collaborate with a number of pharmacies to ensure that our world-class medications can be availed by patients from all walks of life, regardless of their position and social standing. In case of prescription of medical drugs, it is always better to heed the advice of practitioners very sincerely and understand the drug’s nature by reading through its label.

Adroit PharmaChem medications come with detailed information about their composition and chemical nature. Hence, users can easily visit our website or search through the internet to gain a better knowledge of the effects of the drug, thereby making a more informed choice while purchasing or consuming medicines.

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